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How to run profanity instances within tmux

Posted at — Mar 3, 2020 by debxwoody

If you have more than one XMPP account, you may run one profanity process per account. For example profanity -a AccountName.

It’s possible to start a tmux session with one window for each profanity instance.

Create a tmux configuration file, e.g. in ~/.config/tmux.

mkdir ~/.config/tmux
touch ~/.config/tmux/profanity.conf

Within the configuration file, you create a tmux session named Profanity. Followed by one window per XMPP Account. Each window will run a profanity followed by -a accountname.

session-name Profanity
neww -n "Private" profanity -a private 
neww -n "Work" profanity -a work
neww -n "Movim" profanity -a Movim

If you are using bash, you may like to define a alias in ~/.bash_aliases.

alias profanitymux='tmux new-session "tmux source-file ~/.config/tmux/profanity.conf"'

Done! You can start your profanity instances within a tmux session by running profanitymux. tmux will create one window for each profanity instance. You can switch the tmux windows with CTRL-B + 1 or CTRL-B + 2,…