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Profanity and OpenPGP for XMPP (OX)

Posted at — Mar 24, 2022 by debxwoody

We have been to implement OX in profanity. OX is XEP-0374: OpenPGP for XMPP Instant Messaging which may replace XEP-0027: Current Jabber OpenPGP Usage.

It is part of Profanity since version 0.10 but got some fixes since then.

Feel free to try and test the implementation. Let us know, if you have some issues and support the development via testing and reporting bugs.

How does it works? There are some parts which will be done directly with GnuPG. You will see those gpg commands which needs to be executed in the shell. The commands within profanity are the /ox commands.

Generate OpenPGP key materials

The first step is to create a OpenPGP key pair. The key pair generation will be done with the gpg command of GnuPG.

gpg --quick-generate-key xmpp:alice@domain.tld future-default default 3y

This command will generated a OpenPGP key with a UID xmpp:alice@domain.tld. The option future-default has been used to generate a ed25519/cv25519 key. The expiration date will be in three years. Replace the Jabber ID with your JID and do not forget the URI xmpp: prefix.

pub   ed25519 2021-09-21 [SC] [verfällt: 2024-09-20]
uid                      xmpp:alice@domain.tld
sub   cv25519 2021-09-21 [E]

Export your public key

You need to export your public key to share this public key with your buddy. Use the command below to export public key:

gpg --export \
  --export-options export-minimal \
  --export-filter 'keep-uid=uid =~ xmpp:alice@domain.tld' \
  --export-filter 'drop-subkey=usage =~ a' \
  583BAE703A801095B6B71A56BD801174B1A0B84A \
  > /tmp/pep-key.gpg

The key will be exported to /tmp/pep-key.gpg. You may check the key with the command below:

gpg --show-key --with-sig-list /tmp/pep-key.gpg

Keep in mind: Public keys may have some information (signatures, name, e-mail address). Be careful which data will be exported. The export-options and export-filter option of GnuPG will help you to filter the data.

Publish your key

You can use profanity to publish your exported key into your account (PEP). The /ox announce command will publish your key.

/ox announce /tmp/pep-key.gpg
Annonuce OpenPGP Key for OX /tmp/pep-key.gpg ... 

The command will create two PEP node records to store the key.

Discover keys

The /ox discover command will be used to discover keys.

/ox discover buddy@domain.tld
Discovering Public Key for buddy@domain.tld 

To request and import a key, you can use the /ox request command.

/ox request buddy@domain.tld 1234567890ABCDEF1234567890ABCDEF12345678
Requesting Public Key 1234567890ABCDEF1234567890ABCDEF12345678 for buddy@domain.tld
Public Key imported 

The key will be imported into your gnupg keyring.

Sign the imported key

The key can been shown via gpg gpg -k xmpp:buddy@domain.tld. Make sure the key is the key of your buddy and sign the key with your key.

gpg --ask-cert-level --default-key 583BAE703A801095B6B71A56BD801174B1A0B84A --sign-key 1234567890ABCDEF1234567890ABCDEF12345678

The command /ox contacts will show the keys with XMPP-UID. The command /ox keys will show all known OpenPGP keys.

Use OX

Within a chat window you can start OX via /ox start and stop it via /ox end.

Messages will be send signed and encrypted.