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Profanity 0.10.0

Posted at — Jan 9, 2021 by jubalh

Six months and 270 commits after 0.9.5 we are happy to release 0.10.0.

10 people contributed code to it: @wstrm, @DebXWoody, @pasis, @Niacat, @kaffeekanne, @timgates42, @spth, @licaon-kter, @misaflo and @jubalh.

Thanks to everybody who was involved, be it testing, writing documentation, updating the website or whatever you did! I also would like to express my gratitude to my sponsors mdosch, wstrm and huhndev.


This release bumped a few dependencies. Namely: libstrophe/libmesode >= 0.10.0, glib >= 2.62 sqlite >= 3.22 and gtk3 >= 3.24 (or gtk2 >= 2.24.10).


The roadmap for 0.10.0 was announced on our mailing list. The goal was mainly cleanupg and fixes.

Contributing to Profanity

To make it easier for newcomers to contribue to Profanity we added a Contributing file which has, as we hope, some quite important information on how to get started. And about our workflow.


It is also the first official Proanity release that got NetBSD support.


You can now sent OMEMO encrypted files via /sendfile.


For details look at the changelog.