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Profanity 0.12.0

Posted at — Mar 30, 2022 by jubalh

Eight months and 207 commits after 0.11.0 we are happy to release 0.12.0.

16 people contributed code to it: @sjaeckel, @MarcoPolo-PasTonMolo, @paulfertser, @DebXWoody, @trofi, @nandesu-utils, @carlocab, @binex-dsk, @nlfx, @JurajMlich, @wstrm, @arya-pratap-singh, @a02c1175-5220-4e75-b7a1-18e20548305f, @mdosch, @jugendhacker and @jubalh.

That certainly is one of our records!

Thanks to everybody who was involved, be it testing, writing documentation, updating the website or whatever you did! I also would like to express my gratitude to my sponsors mdosch, wstrm, jamesponddotco and LeSpocky.


libmesode has finally been deprecated. We now depend on libstrophe >= 0.11.0. All the functionality from libmesode has been brought to libstrophe.


We tried to make it easier to use (Python) plugins.

In the process the sourcepath setting got removed see here for more details.

And we finally support a global installation path for plugins. So now we have to ways to install a plugins. Either by using the full path:

/plugins install ~/src/profanity-plugins/

Or by using:

`/plugins install`

The latter will check two location. Which are the local one ~/.local/share/profanity/plugins and the global /usr/local/share/profanity/plugins/.

So distributions could actually create a profanity-plugins package that install to the global path. Users could then install/active it by running the above mentioned install command.

For more details see here.

In-band registration

We now support XEP-0077: In-Band Registration. Learn to use it via /help register.


We got a new color theme, check it out: /theme load snicket.

You can now set UTF-8 signs not only for your OTR/OMEMO/PGP indicators but also for your: roster header char, roster contact char, roster resource char, roster private char, occupants char, occupants header char.

User Mood

We now support XEP-0107: User Mood. Try it out: /mood set happy.


Additionally to /editor we now have: /subject editor and /correct-editor.

You can also always press alt-c to open the external editor and the result will be used in the inputwindow. This works with every command.


If you want to quote someone just type > and then use TAB completion to cycle through the last messages. Type your reply and hit enter!


We reworked our contributions guide. New developers should now have it a lot easier. See the PR and


We also got several important fixes in. For all the details please see the changelog.