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Profanity 0.13.1

Posted at — Oct 13, 2022 by jubalh

One month ago we released Profanity 0.13.0 and yesterday the minor release 0.13.1.

18 people contributed code to this release: @binex-dsk, @cockroach, @DebXWoody, @MarcoPolo-PasTonMolo, @mdosch, @nandesu-utils, @netboy3, @paulfertser, @sjaeckel, @Zash, @omar-polo, @wahjava, @vinegret, @sgn, Max Wuttke, @tran-h-trung, @techmetx11 and @jubalh. Also a big thanks to our sponsors: @mdosch, @wstrm, @LeSpocky, @jamesponddotco and one anonymous person.

We would also like to thank our testers, packagers and users.

The release already landed several major distributions.

For a list of changes please see the 0.13.0 and 0.13.1 release notes.