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Profanity 0.14.0

Posted at — Aug 16, 2023 by jubalh

Apologies for the late blog post. We have good news though! Two weeks ago we released Profanity 0.14.0!

13 people contributed to this release: Daniel Santos, @DebXWoody, @H3rnand3zzz, @ike08, @MarcoPolo-PasTonMolo, @mdosch, @pasis, @paulfertser, @shahab-vahedi, @sjaeckel, @techmetx11, @thexhr and @jubalh.

Also a big thanks to our sponsors: @mdosch, @LeSpocky, @jamesponddotco and one anonymous sponsor!

We introduced a new /privacy command which should make it easier to find all privacy related settings and we introduced vCard support (XEP-0054)!

With /plugins install we have now a more convenient way to directly install plugins from the web.

Sharing of PGP keys got easier with the /pgp sendpub and /pgp autoimport commands. This is compatible with PSI and Pidgin, but doesn’t have an official XEP.

You can configure libstrophe internal related settings via the new /strophe command.

There are plenty of more fixes and improvements. For a list of changes please see the 0.14.0 release notes or git history.