Profanity Illustration


Helping Out


Use Profanity

The easiest way you can help out is just by using Profanity and sending any feedback you have to the mailing list. Any feedback is welcome, although please keep it polite, and refrain from using profanity (pun intended).

See Reporting issues for information on where and how to report issues, and how to supply logs/debug information.

Help with the website

The website often has small errors or omissions in documentation etc. The website source is also available at github so feel free to send pull requests there.

We're always interested to hear about profanity being used in different environments, and if you have any screenshots, we'd be happy to post them at the website.

Contribute code

Code contributions are always very welcome. From the small (spelling fixes) to the large (new XMPP features).

If you would like to get involved, you can submit a pull request, or if you just want to get involved but don't know how, email or

Also make sure to read the CONTRIBUTING document on GitHub.


Yes, the rumors are true. Developers also have to eat. They also have limited time.

And yet some of them decide to use their free time to develop free software.

If you want to say "Thank You", please consider donating.