Profanity Illustration


Supported XEPs

XEP Supported Version Notes
XEP-0012 Last Activity 2.0
XEP-0027 Current Jabber OpenPGP Usage 1.3
XEP-0030 Service Discovery
XEP-0045 Multi-User Chat
XEP-0048 Bookmarks 1.0
XEP-0050 Ad-Hoc Commands 1.2.1 Since 0.6.0. No multi-step yet
XEP-0060 Publish-Subscribe 1.15.8 Since 0.7.0. Used for OMEMO.
XEP-0085 Chat State Notifications 2.1
XEP-0091 Legacy Delayed Delivery 1.4
XEP-0092 Software Version 1.1
XEP-0115 Entity Capabilities
XEP-0160 Best Practices for Handling Offline Messages 1.0.1
XEP-0184 Message Delivery Receipts 1.2
XEP-0191 Blocking Command 1.3
XEP-0199 XMPP Ping 2.0.1
XEP-0203 Delayed Delivery 2.0
XEP-0245 The /me Command 1.0
XEP-0249 Direct MUC Invitations 1.0
XEP-0256 Last Activity in Presence 1.1
XEP-0280 Message Carbons 0.12.1
XEP-0308 Last Message Correction 1.1.0 Since 0.9.0.
XEP-0359 Unique and Stable Stanza IDs 0.6.0 Since 0.8.0. Only No yet.
XEP-0363 HTTP File Upload 0.9.0
XEP-0364 Current Off-the-Record Messaging Usage 0.3.1
XEP-0374 OpenPGP for XMPP Instant Messaging 0.2.0 Only in development version.
XEP-0384 OMEMO Encryption 0.3.0 Since 0.7.0
XEP-0392 Consistent Color Generation 0.7.0 Since 0.8.0
XEP-xxxx OMEMO Media sharing 0.0.2 Since 0.10.0